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Page information on f85r2

Parsable information
Illustration type: Cosmological
Quire: N
Page in quire: B
Currier language: B
Currier hand: 3
Has non-Voynich text: no
Has key-like sequence: no
Has extraneous writing: no

Descriptive comments

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Title: "The four ages of Man"
Page: f85r2 = NB (Rene) = p??? (Stolfi)
Folio: f85
Panels: f85r2
Bifolio: bN1 = f85+f86
Quire: N (Rene) = XIV (Beinecke)

This is the verso of the top left panel of a 12-panel fold-out. It is visible when the horizontal fold is closed but the vertical fold is open. The left and bottom sides of the panel are folio edges. The top side of the panel is the horizontal crease. The right side of the panel is a vertical valley crease that sits on top of the binding gutter.


Language: B (Currier)
Hand: 3 (Currier)
Subsets: C (Rene), cos (Stolfi)
Subject: cosmological
Colors: ??? (Reeds)


The page contains only a circular diagram. The outer frame consists of a ring of text between two faint mechanically-drawn circles. The starting point of the text is not evident. ( The whole arc between 08:00 and 10:00 is unreadable in the source image. There is also an extra-wide gap at 07:30, but it may be just a faded word.)

At the center of the diagram is a sun with neutral expression and narrow reverse-S-shaped rays. Surrounding it is a colored disk textured with a whirlpool pattern, bent clockwise-out.

The disk is framed by a circular band with six semicircular lobes (one each at North and South, two each at West and East), containing a ring of text and delimited by two narrow, decorated, cordon-like borders. A double radial stroke, cutting across the frame at 09:00, seems to mark the starting point of the text. The inner border of the frame consists of two mechanically drawn circles, about a millimeter apart, and is decorated by 10 pairs of double parentheses (( )). The outer border is a hand drawn solid double line with a line of dots down the middle.

The space between the inner and outer frames is divided into unequal sectors by four beams, placed like the arms of an "X". The beams are narrower near the center than at the periphery. Each beam continues past and under the outer frame, ending in a broad plume, resembling a soft wet brush. The plume makes a sharp U-turn and passes again behind the outer frame, while tapering down to a point. The NE plume bends clockwise, the other three bend counterclockwise.

Each sector between the outer and inner frames contains a paragraph of text near the outer end (to be read clockwise), and a human figure. The sex of the figures is indeterminate, as neither breasts nor beards are visible. The South figure is leaning on a staff, and looks like an old man or woman; the other three could be women or young men, possibly children.

The figures are partially hidden behind by the inner frame: the South figure is hidden from the knees down by the inner frame, and the other three are hidden from the waist down. All four figures wear a colored, buttonless shirt, with long and narrow sleeves, which in the South figure is seen to be a tunic or dress, ending just above the knee. Ring collars are visible in the North and West figures. All three figures have light hair, bushy over the ears and cropped just below them. The East figure wears a dark skullcap.

The right hands of West, North, and East are hidden by the inner frame. With the left hand, North seems to be pointing to the last word of the text above (which sits on a line by itself); East holds an unidentified dark object, consisting of two stacked bulbs of unequal size, topped by a short spike (it could be a root); and West seems to be holding a flower, shaped like a lily but dark colored. South holds a staff with the left hand, and a chain with three huge rings on his right.


It has been conjectured that the four figures represent the Four Ages of Man. If the diagram is to be read clockwise, like the text, then West (who lies over the "start marker", by the way) would be Infancy. However, East (with the skullcap) looks younger than the other three.


All transcriptions are given in basic (lowercase) EVA. Use the extractor to get transcriptions in another format.

Unit: "Outer ring of text"

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"U" transcription by J. Stolfi from scanned image (note: image is upside down).

No obvious starting point.
Transcription starts at blot at 09:30 (in the illegible part).

Takeshi Takahashi:

<f85r2.C1.1;H> odchdy. otedy. opoees. ar. chcthy. otchdy. otedy. otar. chepaiin. otadar. otodaiin. opoiin. otaiin. qopchchs. otchedy. olkaiin. odar. aloees. otchedy. qotedaiin. odar. octhody. shedaiin. olaiin. olfor. daiin. ol. lkech*. os. aiin. otchdy. dar. otees. ofaiin. chcphdar. {blot}

Jorge Stolfi:

<f85r2.C1.1;U> ***. ot***. opoar. ar. **cthy. otoldy. otody. otar. chepaiin. otodar. otodaiin. opaiin. otaiin. qopchar. otchedy. olkaiin. odar. aloees. otoeedy. qotedaiin. odar. o, cthody. shedaiin. o*aiin. olfar. daiin. ol. lkee***s. ***. ot**l*. **r. *****. ******. *******n. {blot}

Unit: "Paragraphs in sectors"

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"U" transcription by J. Stolfi from scanned image.


&-  = dash at mid-letter level.
&zh = like <sh> but with the plume turning forward?

West sector, above man with flower in hand (illegible edge)

Takeshi Takahashi:

<f85r2.P.1;H> okees. olaiin. qokal. chdy. sary-
<f85r2.P.2;H> qokshedy. qodain. chckhy. ykeedy. chedy-
<f85r2.P.3;H> ar. aiin. ckhedy. or. ain. olchey. qokal. shedy-
<f85r2.P.4;H> qokeody. qoekedy. dody. csedy. qodaiin-
<f85r2.P.5;H> los. ar. shedy. qokshey. qoseey. or. aiinog-
<f85r2.P.5a;H> {right justified}ol. lcheol. chol. ol. sheoly=
<f85r2.P.6;H> sain. or. or. aiin. opchdy-
<f85r2.P.7;H> qotor. sheedy. shodaiin. olfar. ary-
<f85r2.P.8;H> dair. sheo. oraiin. chol. daiin-
<f85r2.P.9;H> ockhdor. olkor. shoral-
<f85r2.P.10;H> {right justified}sosees=
<f85r2.P.11;H> pchedeey. olkey. qokedy. sheos. fcheey-
<f85r2.P.12;H> otchedy. chotey. qocthey. oteey. ol. oloeorain-
<f85r2.P.13;H> daiin. qotaiin. tchedy. otedy. qotchdy. chckhey-
<f85r2.P.14;H> qtchedy. qodar. qotedar. qokar. qotchd. qotom-
<f85r2.P.15;H> soiis. aiin. shedaiin. chokcod= {left justified}
<f85r2.P.16;H> otchs. shedor. chey. sorain- {frame}
<f85r2.P.17;H> or. shedy. tedy. sodaiiin. chy- {frame}
<f85r2.P.18;H> ytedar. ch*s. aiin. arody-
<f85r2.P.19;H> ypshedy. dar. chedy. or. am-
<f85r2.P.20;H> oteey. qodain. odain. an. chey-
<f85r2.P.21;H> {right justified}orar. oldar. ain=

Jorge Stolfi:

<f85r2.P.1;U> ot******aiin. *. ***. **dy. s. *sy-
<f85r2.P.2;U> **d***dy. *odain. chcthey. okeedy. chedy-
<f85r2.P.3;U> ******n. ckhedy. or, ain. olshey. qokal. shedy-
<f85r2.P.4;U> **keody. **ckhdy. do, dy. chedy. qodaiin-
<f85r2.P.5;U> *lor. ar. shedy. qokshey. qoraly. or, aiinam-
<f85r2.P.5a;U> {right justified}ol. lch*al. eeol. al. sheoly=
<f85r2.P.6;U> sain. or. or, aiin. opchdy-
<f85r2.P.7;U> qotor. sheedy. shodaiin. olfar, ar, y-
<f85r2.P.8;U> dair. sheo. oraiin. chol, daiin-
<f85r2.P.9;U> ockhdar. olkar. shoral-
<f85r2.P.10;U> {right justified}rosees=
<f85r2.P.11;U> pchedeey. olkey. qokedy. sheos. fcheey-
<f85r2.P.12;U> otchedy. chotey. qocthey. oteey. ol. olo*{&- }or, ain-
<f85r2.P.13;U> daiin. qotaiin. tchedy. otedy. qotchdy. chckhey-
<f85r2.P.14;U> ytchedy. qodar. qotedar. qokar. qotchd. qotam-
<f85r2.P.15;U> saiir, aiin. shedaiin. chokchg= {left justified}
<f85r2.P.16;U> otchs. shodar. shey. sarain- {frame}
<f85r2.P.17;U> or. shedy. tedy. sodaiin. chy- {frame}
<f85r2.P.18;U> ytedar. chees. aiin. asody-
<f85r2.P.19;U> yp*{&zh}edy. dar, shedy. or. am-
<f85r2.P.20;U> oteey. qodain. odain. ar. chey-
<f85r2.P.21;U> {right justified}orar. oldar. ain=

Unit: "Inner ring of text"

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"U" transcription by J. Stolfi from scanned image.

Transcription starts at 09:00, after the double radial stroke.

Takeshi Takahashi:

<f85r2.C2.1;H> okees. ochar. otedar. ochedy. otody. olchedy. otchdo. ar. or. air. ol. otees. ar. ar. am=

Jorge Stolfi:

<f85r2.C2.1;U> ykees. ochor. otedar. ochedy. otody. alchedy. oteedo. or. or. air, ol. otees. air. ar. am=