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Parsable information
Illustration type: Zodiac
Quire: L
Page in quire: B
Currier language: unknown
Currier hand: unknown
Has non-Voynich text: no
Has key-like sequence: no
Has extraneous writing: no

Descriptive comments

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Title: "Sagittarius"
Page: f73v = LB (Rene) = p144 (Stolfi)
Folio: f73
Panels: f73v
Bifolio: bL1 = f73+f74
Quire: L (Rene) = XII (Beinecke)


Language: ? (Currier)
Hand: ? (Currier)
Subsets: Z (Rene), zod (Stolfi)
Subject: zodiac
Colors: ??? (Reeds)


[To be checked and completed]

Six faint, mostly concentric, mechanically drawn circles delimit three rings of text. At 09:30 there is a wider gap in the middle ring and a radial stroke (a modern scribble on the copy?) cutting across the outer ring.

Inside the inner circle is a beardless human figure, apparently smiling, walking Westward. The figure (possibly, but not necessarily male) is wearing a hat with round rim and a long veil or plume falling down the back, to the waist. He also wears a shirt with ring collar and broad sleeves, closed at the wrist; a flaring skirt, with heavy pleats, down to knee level; and boots to mid-leg.

The figure is holding an armed crossbow, pointing forward and down.

Between the figure's feet is an almost illegible word, possibly "oct" in lowercase Latin alphabet (with a "t" resembling EVA "c")

Between the rings of text, there are two bands of naked figures ("nymphs"), 10 in the inner one and 16 in the outer one. There are 4 additional nymphs standing on top of the outer ring of text. Most of them are female (with breasts and shoulder-long hair).

Each nymph is holding or pointing to a star.

There is a label just clockwise of each nymph.



All transcriptions are given in basic (lowercase) EVA. Use the extractor to get transcriptions in another format.

Unit: "Labels on stars, Sagittarius, not in circle"

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Transcribed clockwise

Takeshi Takahashi:

<f73v.S0.1;H> okol=
<f73v.S0.2;H> oteody=
<f73v.S0.3;H> oteody=
<f73v.S0.4;H> cheody=

Jorge Stolfi:

<f73v.S0.4;U> cheody= {Grove's #4}

John Grove:

<f73v.S0.1;V> okal= {Grove's #1, carpet?}
<f73v.S0.2;V> oteody= {Grove's #2}
<f73v.S0.3;V> oteody= {Grove's #3}
<f73v.S0.4;V> chody= {Grove's #4}

Unit: "outer ring of text"

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Transcribed clockwise from faint radial stroke at 10:00
(which may be apocryphal).

Takeshi Takahashi:

<f73v.R1.1;H> otoar. ykeody. okodeey. qopchey. opaiin. qoteedy. dpy. otedy. csedy. qokeody. cheoral. okedal. oteody. shedy. otesalod. air. chy. ykchs. aly. ykeol. ydys. opchey. dy. toly. chfaikch. ytedar. echy. qokeey. oty. yteedy. choldy. qokalaiin. ykaipy. orary- {stroke}

Jorge Stolfi:

<f73v.R1.1;U> otoar. ykeody. okodchy. qopchey. opaiin. qoteedy. opy. otedy, shedy. qokeody. cheor, al. okedal. oteody. shedy. otesal, *d, air, chy. ytaraly. y, keoly, dy*. opchey, dy. toly. chfaekchy. ytedar. chey. qokeey. oty. yteedy. choldy. qokalaiin. ykaipy. orary- {stroke}

Unit: "Labels on stars, Sagittarius, outer ring"

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Transcribed clockwise from nymph with stretched left arm at 10:30

Takeshi Takahashi:

<f73v.S1.1;H> okeody=
<f73v.S1.2;H> sheol=
<f73v.S1.3;H> odees=
<f73v.S1.4;H> ecsy=
<f73v.S1.5;H> ykeor=
<f73v.S1.6;H> opals=
<f73v.S1.7;H> ykeody=
<f73v.S1.8;H> okeody=
<f73v.S1.9;H> ypaiin=
<f73v.S1.10;H> yfaiin. y=
<f73v.S1.11;H> ofcheesy=
<f73v.S1.12;H> oraiiny=
<f73v.S1.13;H> ykeeody=
<f73v.S1.14;H> okeos=
<f73v.S1.15;H> ykeear=
<f73v.S1.16;H> qokeoly=

Jorge Stolfi:

<f73v.S1.1;U> okeody=
<f73v.S1.2;U> sheol=
<f73v.S1.3;U> odees=
<f73v.S1.4;U> ary= {'ai' overlapped?}
<f73v.S1.5;U> ykeor=
<f73v.S1.6;U> o*als=
<f73v.S1.7;U> ykeody=
<f73v.S1.8;U> oteody=
<f73v.S1.11;U> ofcheesy=
<f73v.S1.12;U> oraiiny=
<f73v.S1.13;U> ykeeody=
<f73v.S1.14;U> okeos=
<f73v.S1.15;U> ykeeo*=
<f73v.S1.16;U> qokeoly=

John Grove:

<f73v.S1.1;V> okeody= {Grove's #15}
<f73v.S1.2;V> sheol= {Grove's #16}
<f73v.S1.3;V> odees= {Grove's #1}
<f73v.S1.4;V> airy= {Grove's #2}
<f73v.S1.5;V> ykeor= {Grove's #3}
<f73v.S1.6;V> ofals= {Grove's #4, male?}
<f73v.S1.7;V> ykeody= {Grove's #5}
<f73v.S1.8;V> yteody= {Grove's #6}
<f73v.S1.9;V> ypaiin= {Grove's #7}
<f73v.S1.10;V> yfaiin. y= {Grove's #8}
<f73v.S1.11;V> ofcheesy= {Grove's #9}
<f73v.S1.12;V> oraiiny= {Grove's #10}
<f73v.S1.13;V> ykchody= {Grove's #11}
<f73v.S1.14;V> okeos= {Grove's #12}
<f73v.S1.15;V> ykeear= {Grove's #13}
<f73v.S1.16;V> qokeoly= {Grove's #14}

Unit: "middle ring of text"

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Transcribed clockwise from extra-wide gap at 10:00

Takeshi Takahashi:

<f73v.R2.1;H> oteotor. alshy. oteolain. chokeedam. otody. qoty. shedy. chdy. tchol. oteody. cheytey. choty. okey. dy. okecholy. otey. chodaiin. chey. okchdy. saly. ar. daly- {gap}

Jorge Stolfi:

<f73v.R2.1;U> oteotor. alshy. oteolain. chokadam. otody. qoty, shedy. chdy. tcholoteody. cheytey. choty. okey, dy. okecholy. otey. chodaiin. chey. okeedy. raly. ar. daly- {gap}

Unit: "Labels on stars, Sagittarius, inner band"

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Transcribed clockwise atarting after wide gap at 10:30

Takeshi Takahashi:

<f73v.S2.1;H> ched=
<f73v.S2.2;H> oky=
<f73v.S2.3;H> oiair=
<f73v.S2.4;H> okal=
<f73v.S2.5;H> ykey=
<f73v.S2.6;H> ykeeo=
<f73v.S2.7;H> okeod=
<f73v.S2.8;H> ykey=
<f73v.S2.9;H> ypal=
<f73v.S2.10;H> otedy=

Jorge Stolfi:

<f73v.S2.1;U> ched=
<f73v.S2.2;U> oky=
<f73v.S2.3;U> ar. ain=
<f73v.S2.4;U> okal=
<f73v.S2.5;U> ykey=
<f73v.S2.6;U> ykeey=
<f73v.S2.7;U> okeod=
<f73v.S2.8;U> ykey=
<f73v.S2.9;U> ypal=
<f73v.S2.10;U> otedy=

John Grove:

<f73v.S2.1;V> ched= {Grove's #1}
<f73v.S2.2;V> oky= {Grove's #2}
<f73v.S2.3;V> ai. ain= {Grove's #3}
<f73v.S2.4;V> okal= {Grove's #4}
<f73v.S2.5;V> ykey= {Grove's #5}
<f73v.S2.6;V> ykeey= {Grove's #6}
<f73v.S2.7;V> okeed*= {Grove's #7}
<f73v.S2.8;V> ykey= {Grove's #8}
<f73v.S2.9;V> ypal= {Grove's #9, star held down}
<f73v.S2.10;V> otedy= {Grove's #10, writing in star - - oiil?}

Unit: "inner ring of text"

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Transcribed clockwise from wider gap and radial stroke at 09:00

Takeshi Takahashi:

<f73v.R3.1;H> otedchor. alar. olkcho. oto. lam. okees. chory. ytaly. ylaly. otasam- {gap}

Jorge Stolfi:

<f73v.R3.1;U> otarchor. alar. olkchy. otolam. okchs. chory. ytaly. alaly. otaram- {gap}