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Parsable information
Illustration type: Zodiac
Quire: L
Page in quire: A
Currier language: unknown
Currier hand: unknown
Has non-Voynich text: no
Has key-like sequence: no
Has extraneous writing: no

Descriptive comments

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Title: "Scorpio"
Page: f73r = LA (Rene) = p143 (Stolfi)
Folio: f73
Panels: f73r
Bifolio: bL1 = f73+f74
Quire: L (Rene) = XII (Beinecke)


Language: ? (Currier)
Hand: ? (Currier)
Subsets: Z (Rene), zod (Stolfi)
Subject: zodiac
Colors: green(center),yellow(stars),red(lips,some_mouths) (Reeds)


[To be checked and completed]

Six faint, mostly concentric, mechanically drawn circles delimit three rings of text. There seem to be no distinguished break in the text.

Inside the inner circle is a squat animal. A dark smudge obliterates most of the animal's body, leaving visible only the head (roundish, with a wide mouth and two very short and broad horns) and the tail (that curves up, forward, down, then up again). Above the animal is a seven-pointed star with a tail that ends in the animal's mouth.

Below the animal is an illegible word.

Between the rings of text, there are two bands of naked figures ("nymphs"), 10 in the inner one and 16 in the outer one. Four additional nymphs are standing on top of the outer ring of text. Most of them are female (with breasts and shoulder-long hair).

Each nymph is holding or pointing to a star.

There is a label just clockwise of each nymph.



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Unit: "Labels on stars, Scorpio, outside the diagram"

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Numbers by John Grove
Transcribed left to right

Takeshi Takahashi:

<f73r.S0.1;H> otoly=
<f73r.S0.2;H> chockhy=
<f73r.S0.3;H> okedy=
<f73r.S0.4;H> yteeody=

John Grove:

<f73r.S0.1;V> otaly= {Grove's #1}
<f73r.S0.2;V> chockhy= {Grove's #2}
<f73r.S0.3;V> otedy= {Grove's #3}
<f73r.S0.4;V> yteeody= {Grove's #4}

Unit: "outer text ring"

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No obviosu starting place
Transcribed clockwise from discontinuity in bounding circles at 10:45

Takeshi Takahashi:

<f73r.R1.1;H> ypolcheey. salchedal. chepchey. daraly. oteos. air. ar. oteosdal. chotchy. soteees. alshey. ches. al. chees. cheoly. leiir*. choteey. cheteey. cheteeeosaiin. chetchody. chedar. ar. cheteey. oteor. ar. air. alor. shetch. ytchy. cheody. ykeydom. oteos. alar. alcheky.

Jorge Stolfi:

<f73r.R1.1;U> ypolcheey. salchedal. chepchey. daraly. oteos, air, ar. oteosdal. chotey. sot**ar. **sh*y. ****. **ch**s. ch**y. l*****chot*m. cheteey. cheteeeor, aiin. chetchody. chedar, ar. cheteey. oteor, ar. airalor. shetol. yteey. cheody. ykeydam. oteos, alar. alcheky.

Unit: "Labels on stars, Scorpio, outer ring"

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No obviosu starting place.
Transcribed clockwise from 10:30
Numbers by John Grove

Takeshi Takahashi:

<f73r.S1.1;H> otey=
<f73r.S1.2;H> otaly=
<f73r.S1.3;H> okeody=
<f73r.S1.4;H> oteedyl=
<f73r.S1.5;H> okesdy=
<f73r.S1.6;H> okery=
<f73r.S1.7;H> oksedy=
<f73r.S1.8;H> ykeeory=
<f73r.S1.9;H> oteeosy=
<f73r.S1.10;H> shekal=
<f73r.S1.11;H> oteedyg=
<f73r.S1.12;H> okedal=
<f73r.S1.13;H> chdy=
<f73r.S1.14;H> dalshey=
<f73r.S1.15;H> opaiin=
<f73r.S1.16;H> okeos=

John Grove:

<f73r.S1.1;V> otey= {Grove's #1}
<f73r.S1.2;V> otaly= {Grove's #2}
<f73r.S1.3;V> okeedy= {Grove's #3}
<f73r.S1.4;V> oteedal= {Grove's #4, star with tail}
<f73r.S1.5;V> cthedy= {Grove's #5}
<f73r.S1.6;V> okeey= {Grove's #6, star with tail}
<f73r.S1.7;V> okeedy= {Grove's #7}
<f73r.S1.8;V> ykeeary= {Grove's #8}
<f73r.S1.9;V> oteeory= {Grove's #9}
<f73r.S1.10;V> shekal= {Grove's #10}
<f73r.S1.11;V> oteedyg*= {Grove's #11}
<f73r.S1.12;V> okedal= {Grove's #12}
<f73r.S1.13;V> chdy= {Grove's #13}
<f73r.S1.14;V> dalshey= {Grove's #14}
<f73r.S1.15;V> ofaiin= {Grove's #15}
<f73r.S1.16;V> ykeou= {Grove's #16}

Unit: "middle ring of text"

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Transcribed clockwise from wider gap at 10:30

Takeshi Takahashi:

<f73r.R2.1;H> oteey. dar. al. opaiin. olalaiin. sair. ar. chopchedy. chdar. orom. otoreees. olteey. okees. otar. chey. oteas. ohor. opar. chey. daiin. qoiheey. scheey. dal. cheesy.

Jorge Stolfi:

<f73r.R2.1;U> otchy. dar. yl. opaiin. olalaiin. r, aisam. chopchedy. chdar. oram. otar, eees. alteey. okchs. otarchey. oteas, cho, r. opees, chey. daiin. qochey. s, cheey. dal, chary.

Unit: "Labels on stars, Scorpio, inner band"

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No obvious starting place, but nymphs seem to get
progressively more crowded as we get closer to 10:30
Transcribed clockwise from wider gap at 10:30

Takeshi Takahashi:

<f73r.S2.1;H> okeos=
<f73r.S2.2;H> okary=
<f73r.S2.3;H> ot*ad=
<f73r.S2.4;H> ootady=
<f73r.S2.5;H> oky=
<f73r.S2.6;H> chefy=
<f73r.S2.7;H> otal=
<f73r.S2.8;H> shek=
<f73r.S2.9;H> ar=
<f73r.S2.10;H> kar=

Jorge Stolfi:

<f73r.S2.1;U> okeos=
<f73r.S2.2;U> otary=
<f73r.S2.3;U> okeeody=
<f73r.S2.4;U> oyteedy=
<f73r.S2.5;U> oky=
<f73r.S2.6;U> chefy=
<f73r.S2.7;U> otal=
<f73r.S2.8;U> shek=
<f73r.S2.9;U> ar=
<f73r.S2.10;U> kar=

John Grove:

<f73r.S2.1;V> okeou= {Grove's #1}
<f73r.S2.2;V> otary= {Grove's #2}
<f73r.S2.3;V> okchody= {Grove's #3}
<f73r.S2.4;V> oyteedy= {Grove's #4}
<f73r.S2.5;V> oky= {Grove's #5}
<f73r.S2.6;V> chefy= {Grove's #6}
<f73r.S2.7;V> otal= {Grove's #7}
<f73r.S2.8;V> shek= {Grove's #8}
<f73r.S2.9;V> ar= {Grove's #9}
<f73r.S2.10;V> kar= {Grove's #10}

Unit: "inner ring of text"

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Transcribed clockwise from wide gap at 09:00

Takeshi Takahashi:

<f73r.R3.1;H> osaiin. chedain. oteey. chedaly. okechs. chepchees. aly. oteodal- {gap}

Jorge Stolfi:

<f73r.R3.1;U> osaiin. chedain. oteey. chodaly. ***s. chepchedaly. oteadal- {gap}