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Parsable information
Illustration type: Zodiac
Quire: K
Page in quire: F
Currier language: unknown
Currier hand: unknown
Has non-Voynich text: no
Has key-like sequence: no
Has extraneous writing: no

Descriptive comments

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Title: "Leo"
Page: f72v3 = KF (Rene) = p140 (Stolfi)
Folio: f72
Panels: f72v4, f72v3
Bifolio: bK1 = f71+f72
Quire: K (Rene) = XI (Beinecke)

This page spans the two outermost verso panels of an eight-panel fold-out. (The outermost panel is about 1/3 the width of a normal one.)


Language: ? (Currier)
Hand: ? (Currier)
Subsets: Z (Rene), zod (Stolfi)
Subject: zodiac
Colors: ??? (Reeds)


[To be checked and completed]

Three concentric rings of text, deimited by six faint mechanically drawn circles. The outer and inner rings have wider word gaps at 08:45. (The middle ring crosses a fold at that point).

In the centre is an animal resembling a lioness, facing west. The animal has a very short and sparse mane, and a long tail ending in a tuft of hair. The tail curved down, between or behind the rear legs, then up behind body, and then forward. The right front paw is lifted and points West. The animal has a muzzle similar to that of the nibbling animal in f???, and is showing a longish, narrow, pointed tongue.

Below the lion is a non-Voynichese word, possibly "augst" in lowercase Latin letters. There may be a dot over the first leg of the "u". The "s" looks like an uncrossed "f" with a straight descender. The "t" looks like an EVA "c".

The three rings of text define two bands containing human figures (12 in the inner band, 18 in the outer one), all naked, in 3/4 view (between frontal and facing clockwise). Each figure holds a star with the left hand. The right hand is generally on the hip.

All the figures are naked. Most have visible breasts and shoulder-long hair.

Clockwise from each figure there is a short label.


The animal at the center is probably a lion, the astrological symbol for Leo. Leo is ??? to ???.


All transcriptions are given in basic (lowercase) EVA. Use the extractor to get transcriptions in another format.

Unit: "outer ring of text"

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Transcribed clockwise from wider gap at 08:45

Takeshi Takahashi:

<f72v3.R1.1;H> soees. otchs. otedar. oteody. oteodal. oteos. ote*k**{fold}. *eody. sheokay. sheody. shedykeyl. eteodys. okoleeolar. okeey. shedy. otey. sho. shol. teody. okol*{fold}**. yklede*y. okechly. olaiin. shokche**. {fold}lol. chopchey. teey. teoda. cher. okecheay. otechol. chsor. cheey. daein. oyteiedar. chr{fold}. cthy. otycheedy. oteeoly. chokory-

Jorge Stolfi:

<f72v3.R1.1;U> doar. otchs. otedar. oteody. oteodal. oteos. ot***{fold}**ody. **okeey. sheody. shedykeal. cheody, r. okoleeolar. okeey. shedy. okey, sho. shol. teody. okol*{fold}. *keed*y. okechdy. olaiin. shokeedy. {fold}chol. chopchey. teey, teody. ch*r. okechedy. otcheal. cheor. cheey. da**n. o, yteedar. ***{fold}. sh*cthy. otycheedy. oteeoldy. chokory- {gap}

Unit: "Labels on stars, Leo, outer ring"

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Numbers by John Grove


&ol  = <l> above <o>?

transcribed clockwise from 10:00

Takeshi Takahashi:

<f72v3.S1.1;H> ok*olo{fold}=
<f72v3.S1.2;H> ogeom=
<f72v3.S1.3;H> oreeey=
<f72v3.S1.4;H> okam=
<f72v3.S1.5;H> okey=
<f72v3.S1.6;H> oteeeody=
<f72v3.S1.7;H> okyeeshy=
<f72v3.S1.8;H> **ofaiin=
<f72v3.S1.9;H> okoly=
<f72v3.S1.10;H> otoly=
<f72v3.S1.11;H> ofalals=
<f72v3.S1.12;H> reeeos. ocfhey=
<f72v3.S1.13;H> daiin. chcpy=
<f72v3.S1.14;H> oteey. dchyr=
<f72v3.S1.15;H> cheolpy=
<f72v3.S1.16;H> okeeol=
<f72v3.S1.17;H> okaly=
<f72v3.S1.18;H> okaldy=

Jorge Stolfi:

<f72v3.S1.1;U> okeal*{fold}=
<f72v3.S1.2;U> o**am=
<f72v3.S1.3;U> orchey=
<f72v3.S1.4;U> ykam=
<f72v3.S1.5;U> okey=
<f72v3.S1.6;U> otcheody= {star with tail}
<f72v3.S1.7;U> okyeeshy=
<f72v3.S1.8;U> **y. ofaiin=
<f72v3.S1.9;U> okaly=
<f72v3.S1.10;U> otoly=
<f72v3.S1.11;U> ofalals= {star with tail}
<f72v3.S1.12;U> sheeas. ocfhey=
<f72v3.S1.13;U> daiin. chepy=
<f72v3.S1.14;U> oteey. deey*=
<f72v3.S1.15;U> cheal**=
<f72v3.S1.16;U> okeeol=
<f72v3.S1.17;U> okaly=
<f72v3.S1.18;U> okaldy=

John Grove:

<f72v3.S1.1;V> okealy{fold}= {Grove's #1}
<f72v3.S1.2;V> osham= {Grove's #2}
<f72v3.S1.3;V> orchey= {Grove's #3}
<f72v3.S1.4;V> ykam= {Grove's #4}
<f72v3.S1.5;V> okey= {Grove's #5}
<f72v3.S1.6;V> otcheody= {Grove's #6, star with tail}
<f72v3.S1.7;V> okyeeshy= {Grove's #7}
<f72v3.S1.8;V> ol*{&ol}. ofaiin= {Grove's #8}
<f72v3.S1.9;V> okaly= {Grove's #9}
<f72v3.S1.10;V> otaly= {Grove's #10}
<f72v3.S1.11;V> ofalals= {Grove's #11, star with tail}
<f72v3.S1.12;V> sheeos. ocfhey= {Grove's #12}
<f72v3.S1.13;V> daiin. chefy= {Grove's #13, male?}
<f72v3.S1.14;V> oteey. deeyl= {Grove's #14}
<f72v3.S1.15;V> cheal= {Grove's #15, male?}
<f72v3.S1.16;V> okeeol= {Grove's #16}
<f72v3.S1.17;V> okaly= {Grove's #17}
<f72v3.S1.18;V> okaldy= {Grove's #18}

Unit: "middle ring of text"

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Transcribed clockwise from wider gap(?) at 08:45

Takeshi Takahashi:

<f72v3.R2.1;H> shos. {fold}otchy. **eody. cheokey. okeoekol. oteos. aiin. yal. eeedy. okeos. aly. shy. okay. okeeey. okeedaly. cholairy. oke. cheesy. okeeol. chey. otey. aldy. chdy. del. ok*eoloky. oty. aiin. cheis. otoly{fold}. ok****. etoteear-

Jorge Stolfi:

<f72v3.R2.1;U> *t***. ***. ***. {fold}***. **eeody. cheokeo. okeoekal. oteor, aiin. yol, eeedy. okeos, alyshy. okeey. okeeey. okeedal, y. cholairy. okedy. chees, y. okeeol. chey. okey, aldy. chdy, dal. oksholoky. oty. aiin. chas. oteey{fold}. ***. *t***. *-

Unit: "Labels on stars, Leo, inner ring"

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Numbers by John Grove
Transcribed clockwise from 10:30

Takeshi Takahashi:

<f72v3.S2.1;H> otoly. yty=
<f72v3.S2.2;H> sholeey=
<f72v3.S2.3;H> oky=
<f72v3.S2.4;H> chcthhy=
<f72v3.S2.5;H> loly=
<f72v3.S2.6;H> oeemy=
<f72v3.S2.7;H> odair. an=
<f72v3.S2.8;H> okary=
<f72v3.S2.9;H> oecs. aiin=
<f72v3.S2.10;H> oteesod=
<f72v3.S2.11;H> epal=
<f72v3.S2.12;H> otaly=

John Grove:

<f72v3.S2.1;V> otaly. yty= {Grove's #1, coloured star}
<f72v3.S2.2;V> sholeey= {Grove's #2, star with tail}
<f72v3.S2.3;V> oky= {Grove's #3}
<f72v3.S2.4;V> chcthy= {Grove's #4}
<f72v3.S2.5;V> laly= {Grove's #5}
<f72v3.S2.6;V> oeedy= {Grove's #6}
<f72v3.S2.7;V> odair. an= {Grove's #7, decorative crown}
<f72v3.S2.8;V> okary= {Grove's #8, star with tail}
<f72v3.S2.9;V> o*csaiin= {Grove's #9}
<f72v3.S2.10;V> oteesed= {Grove's #10, star with tail}
<f72v3.S2.11;V> of*l= {Grove's #11}
<f72v3.S2.12;V> ot*ly= {Grove's #12}

Unit: "inner ring of text"

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Transcribed clockwise from wider gap(?) at 08:45

Takeshi Takahashi:

<f72v3.R3.1;H> okeserr. or. cskesol. okeol. yiin. cholal. ykesodarar. oleeo. dy. shedy. soear. aldy. oteor. cheor-

Jorge Stolfi:

<f72v3.R3.1;U> okos, chr, or, chkeeol. okeolaiin. cholal. ykeeo, darar. oleeody. shedy. solar, aldy. oteor, cheor-