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Parsable information
Illustration type: Zodiac
Quire: K
Page in quire: D
Currier language: unknown
Currier hand: unknown
Has non-Voynich text: no
Has key-like sequence: no
Has extraneous writing: no

Descriptive comments

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Title: "Gemini"
Page: f72r2 = KD (Rene) = p138 (Stolfi)
Folio: f72
Panels: f72r2
Bifolio: bK1 = f71+f72
Quire: K (Rene) = XI (Beinecke)

This page is the central recto panel of an eight-panel fold-out.


Language: ? (Currier)
Hand: ? (Currier)
Subsets: Z (Rene), zod (Stolfi)
Subject: zodiac
Colors: green,blue(dress_on_center) (Reeds)


Three concentric rings of text, bounded by faint mechanically drawn circles. A short radial stroke at 10:30 in the inner ring may be the starting place.

In the centre there are two human figures, apparently a man and a woman, holding each other hands—left in left, below, and right in right, above. The man wears a wide hat, a shirt with long narrow sleeves, ring collar, simple belt, a skirt with trimmed edge reaching below the knee, and boots. The woman wears an elaborate draped dress, with ring collar, broad sleeves with wrist bands, a small bonnet with long hair or a veil hanging down her back, and a skirt that drags on the floor. Between the two figures is a word in the latin alphabet (``Jony'' according to Robert Firth.

Between the inner ring of text and the middle ring are 9 naked human figures or "nymphs", all female, each standing with the right hand on her hip, holding a star with her left.

Between the middle ring and the outer ring there are 16 nymphs, standing, each holding a star with the left hand. Four are clothed, the rest is naked. Most are definitely women (with visible breasts); the rest are probably women, or could be. Three of the figures two of them clothed) are standing on top of horizontal cylinders, resembling the ones on f70v2. Usualy the right hand is resting on the hip, but in a couple of cases the right arm is drooping by the victim's side, or straight down and back, and one figure (at 04:00) has the arms streched out horizontally.

Standing on top of the diagram, outside the text circle, are another 5 naked women, right hand on the hip, each holding a star.

All figures are drawn in 3/4 view, between frontal and clockwise-facing. Some of the figures are walking. Some of the figures have hats.

Clockwise from each figure there is a short label.


The sign of Gemini, the Twins, has sometimes been represented by a man and woman. Gemini is ??? to ???.


All transcriptions are given in basic (lowercase) EVA. Use the extractor to get transcriptions in another format.

Unit: "panel 72r2, Gemini, labels on star/nymphs outside the diagram"

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Transcribed left to right

Karl Kluge:

<f72r2.S0.1;K> ofchdagy= {was <f72r2. 26A;K>}
<f72r2.S0.2;K> oklairgy= {was <f72r2. 27A;K>}
<f72r2.S0.3;K> okaram= {was <f72r2. 28A;K>}
<f72r2.S0.4;K> okairy= {was <f72r2. 29A;K>}
<f72r2.S0.5;K> okealar= {was <f72r2. 30A;K>}

Karl Kluge, second choice:

<f72r2.S0.1;Q> ofchdajy= {was <f72r2. 26A;K>}

Takeshi Takahashi:

<f72r2.S0.1;H> ofchdady=
<f72r2.S0.2;H> oklairdy=
<f72r2.S0.3;H> okaram=
<f72r2.S0.4;H> okairy=
<f72r2.S0.5;H> okeolar=

John Grove:

<f72r2.S0.1;V> ofchdamy= {Grove's #1, carpet}
<f72r2.S0.2;V> oklairdy= {Grove's #2}
<f72r2.S0.3;V> okaram= {Grove's #3}
<f72r2.S0.4;V> okairy= {Grove's #4}
<f72r2.S0.5;V> okeolar= {Grove's #5}

Unit: "Outer ring of text"

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Transcribed clockwise from wider gap at 09:15,
above starless nymph.

Takeshi Takahashi:

<f72r2.R1.1;H> otais. otees. oteos. aiin. okeo. daiin. okeey. cheokeodal. cheol. okeol. olcthhy. oteeykeey. tey. okalaiin. okalchal. chey- {fold}al. okeey. daiin. otar. al. chtaiin. otseey. qooeel. ckhal. chekaiin. otaiin. chy. d. r. aiin. al. y. sho. chekaiin. otedo*. qokeodal. saiin- {gap}

Jorge Stolfi:

<f72r2.R1.1;U> ot**r. otchs. oteor. aiin. okeo, daiin. okoly. chey, keodol, chol. okeol. olcthey. oteeykeeytey. okalaiin. okalchal, chey- {fold}***. daiin. ota**. chota**. ok***y. ***eol. ckhal. chekaiin. okaiin, chy. d, r, aiin, al. cho. chekaiin. otedal. qokeodal. s**r- {gap}

Unit: "panel 72r2, Gemini, star labels on outer band of stars/nymphs inside diagram"

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Transcribed clockwise from 10:30 (nymph with stretched left arm)


&an  = <a> and <n> run together


Karl Kluge:

<f72r2.S1.1;K> otaralgy= {was <f72r2. 10A;K>}
<f72r2.S1.2;K> okalar= {was <f72r2. 11A;K>}
<f72r2.S1.3;K> okal= {was <f72r2. 12A;K>}
<f72r2.S1.4;K> okaly= {was <f72r2. 13A;K>}
<f72r2.S1.5;K> okal= {was <f72r2. 14A;K>}
<f72r2.S1.6;K> okeey. ary= {was <f72r2. 15A;K>}
<f72r2.S1.7;K> oteeary= {was <f72r2. 16A;K>}
<f72r2.S1.8;K> okair. gy= {was <f72r2. 17A;K>}
<f72r2.S1.9;K> okair. cham= {was <f72r2. 18A;K>}
<f72r2.S1.10;K> okeal= {was <f72r2. 19A;K>}
<f72r2.S1.11;K> otarer= {was <f72r2. 20A;K>}
<f72r2.S1.12;K> okaly= {was <f72r2. 21A;K>}
<f72r2.S1.13;K> onary= {was <f72r2. 22A;K>}
<f72r2.S1.15;K> okyd= {was <f72r2. 24A;K>}
<f72r2.S1.16;K> otolam= {was <f72r2. 25A;K>}

Takeshi Takahashi:

<f72r2.S1.1;H> otaraldy=
<f72r2.S1.2;H> okalar=
<f72r2.S1.3;H> okal=
<f72r2.S1.4;H> okaly=
<f72r2.S1.5;H> okal=
<f72r2.S1.6;H> okeey. ary=
<f72r2.S1.7;H> oteeary=
<f72r2.S1.8;H> otair. dy=
<f72r2.S1.9;H> okaircham=
<f72r2.S1.10;H> okeal=
<f72r2.S1.11;H> otarar=
<f72r2.S1.12;H> okaly=
<f72r2.S1.13;H> orary=
<f72r2.S1.15;H> okyd=
<f72r2.S1.16;H> otolam=

John Grove:

<f72r2.S1.1;V> otar. aldy= {Grove's #1, no barrel}
<f72r2.S1.2;V> okalar= {Grove's #2, no barrel}
<f72r2.S1.3;V> okal= {Grove's #3, no barrel}
<f72r2.S1.4;V> okaly= {Grove's #12, 3rd carpet, dressed, male?}
<f72r2.S1.5;V> okal= {Grove's #5, male}
<f72r2.S1.6;V> okeey. ary= {Grove's #6, no barrel}
<f72r2.S1.7;V> oteeary= {Grove's #7, no barrel}
<f72r2.S1.8;V> otair. gy= {Grove's #8, no barrel}
<f72r2.S1.9;V> okaircham= {Grove's #9, no barrel}
<f72r2.S1.10;V> oteal= {Grove's #10, 1st carpet}
<f72r2.S1.11;V> otar*{&an}= {Grove's #11, 2nd carpet, dressed, male?}
<f72r2.S1.12;V> okaly= {Grove's #4, no barrel}
<f72r2.S1.13;V> arary= {Grove's #13, dressed, female}
<f72r2.S1.15;V> okyd= {Grove's #15, possible male}
<f72r2.S1.16;V> otalam= {Grove's #16, possible male}

Unit: "Outer ring of text"

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Transcribed clockwise from letter size discontinuity at 10:00
That place is marked by a single radial stroke -- modern or original?

Takeshi Takahashi:

<f72r2.R2.1;H> oteey. tey. teodal. chokaly. ol. cheol. yaiin. oteodaiin. shokal. otey. otaiin. otal. y. dal. okaly. dalchdy. cseteeey. okal. shey. qoteeody. sheycthy. chotal. chees. otoees. aiin-

Jorge Stolfi:

<f72r2.R2.1;U> oteey. teo. teodal. chokaly. ol, cheol, *, aiin. oteodaiin. shok**. o***. otaiin. otaly, *al. otaly. dalchd*. csctheey. okal. csey. qotchody. cseycthy. chotal. chas. ot***s. aiir-

Unit: "panel 72r2, Gemini, star labels on inner band of stars/nymphs"

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Transcribed clockwise starting from 11:00


Karl Kluge:

<f72r2.S2.1;K> otal= {was <f72r2. 01A;K>}
<f72r2.S2.2;K> salal= {was <f72r2. 02A;K>}
<f72r2.S2.3;K> okam= {was <f72r2. 03A;K>}
<f72r2.S2.4;K> otalshy= {was <f72r2. 04A;K>}
<f72r2.S2.5;K> okal. dy= {was <f72r2. 05A;K>}
<f72r2.S2.6;K> chosar= {was <f72r2. 06A;K>}
<f72r2.S2.7;K> otam= {was <f72r2. 07A;K>}
<f72r2.S2.8;K> ainaly= {was <f72r2. 08A;K>}
<f72r2.S2.9;K> okarchaj= {was <f72r2. 09A;K>}

Karl Kluge, second choice:

<f72r2.S2.8;Q> ainaly= {was <f72r2. 08A;K>}
<f72r2.S2.9;Q> okarchag= {was <f72r2. 09A;K>}

Takeshi Takahashi:

<f72r2.S2.1;H> otal=
<f72r2.S2.2;H> salal=
<f72r2.S2.3;H> okam=
<f72r2.S2.4;H> otalshy=
<f72r2.S2.5;H> okaldy=
<f72r2.S2.6;H> chosar=
<f72r2.S2.7;H> otam=
<f72r2.S2.8;H> ainaly=
<f72r2.S2.9;H> okar. cham=

John Grove:

<f72r2.S2.1;V> otal= {Grove's #1, no barrel}
<f72r2.S2.2;V> salal= {Grove's #2, no barrel}
<f72r2.S2.3;V> okam= {Grove's #3, no barrel}
<f72r2.S2.4;V> otalshy= {Grove's #4, no barrel}
<f72r2.S2.5;V> okaldy= {Grove's #5, no barrel}
<f72r2.S2.6;V> chosan= {Grove's #6, no barrel}
<f72r2.S2.7;V> otam= {Grove's #7, no barrel}
<f72r2.S2.8;V> ainaly= {Grove's #8, no barrel}
<f72r2.S2.9;V> okar. cham= {Grove's #9, no barrel}

Unit: "Inner ring of text"

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No obvious starting place
Transcribed clockwise from change in "vertical" direction at 00:30

Takeshi Takahashi:

<f72r2.R3.1;H> otees. chs. chchs. ar. yly. kaly. dar. otchey. okaiin. ola. in. dy. otoar. air. aloy. okaiin.

Jorge Stolfi:

<f72r2.R3.1;U> otees. **s. chchs, al, aly. kyly. dar. otchey. okaiin. olaiin. *y. otochs. air, alo*. okaii*.