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Parsable information
Illustration type: Zodiac
Quire: K
Page in quire: C
Currier language: unknown
Currier hand: unknown
Has non-Voynich text: no
Has key-like sequence: no
Has extraneous writing: no

Descriptive comments

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Title: "Taurus dark"
Page: f72r1 = KC (Rene) = p137 (Stolfi)
Folio: f72
Panels: f72r1
Bifolio: bK1 = f71+f72
Quire: K (Rene) = XI (Beinecke)

This page is the innermost recto panel of an eight-panel fold-out.


Language: ? (Currier)
Hand: ? (Currier)
Subsets: Z (Rene), zod (Stolfi)
Subject: zodiac
Colors: dark-red,green(little),yellow(stars) (Reeds)


Three concentric rings of text, bounded by faint mechanically drawn circles. There is no obvious starting place.

In the centre is a horned animal feeding from a manger. Below the bull is the word ``May'' in the Roman alphabet.

Between the inner ring of text and the middle ring are 6 human figures or "nymphs", each holding a star. Five are standing in a barrel, waist deep; a sixth one is peeking from behind the barrel at 08:30. All have the right hand inside the barrel, except for the small one at 08:30 (right hand behind barrel) and the one at 02:00 (right hand resting on the barrel's edge). The figure inside the 08:30 barrel is holding a smaller star, lower and closer to her than the other figures.

Between the middle ring and the outer ring are 10 human figures, standing. The one at 00:00 is in frontal view, all others are in 3/4 view, between frontal and facing clockwise. The one at 02:30 has the right arm straight back and down; all the others have the right hand on their hips.

All the figures are naked. Most have visible breasts. Some have hats, some have long hair.

Clockwise from each figure there is a short label.


The general appearance of the page is dark, in contrast to the light Taurus, f71v.

The animal at the center is probably a bull, the astrological symbol for Taurus. Taurus is April 20th to May 20th.

[Stolfi] I count 16 nymphs in this page, but other people give the total as 15. Presumably they are not counting the smaller nymph without barrel.

It looks as if the artist decided to add one more figure at the last minute, and had to improvise...


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Unit: "Outer ring of text"

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No obvious starting place, but words seem to change
size abruptly at 10:45

Transcribed clockwise from letter size discontinuity at 10:30

Takeshi Takahashi:

<f72r1.R1.1;H> okoiin. oteeo. ckhey. cholo. cheol. olchear. al. oteey. chedal. oteedy. okeodaly. cheol. chokeol. cheolky. okaiis. okeedy. sheoltey. cheor. aiin. ydal. okochey. sho. okalshey. shol. chalaiin. chekeol. kol. otos. ar. aiin. otar. otam. chotam. sal. okeo. dar. ar. adal. dar. okeeas. aiin. oteey.

Jorge Stolfi:

<f72r1.R1.1;U> o, kaiin. oteeo, cthey. chlol. cheol. olcheor. al. oteey. chedal. oteedy. okeodaly. shol. chokeol. ch*****y. ***s. okeedy. ch**ltey. cheor. aiin. ydal. okochey. sho. okalshey. shol, chalaiin. chekeol, kol. otor, ar, aiin. otam. otam. chotam, ral. oteo, dar. ar, adal. dar. okeeos. aiin. oteey.

Unit: "panel f72r1, Taurus dark, labels on outer band of nymphs/stars"

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Transcribed clockwise from 10:15


Karl Kluge:

<f72r1.S1.1;K> oshodady= {was <f72r1. 06A;K>}
<f72r1.S1.2;K> chdaiir. dainy= {was <f72r1. 07A;K>}
<f72r1.S1.3;K> oaiin. ar. ary= {was <f72r1. 08A;K>}
<f72r1.S1.4;K> okalam= {was <f72r1. 09A;K>}
<f72r1.S1.5;K> ytalshdy= {was <f72r1. 10A;K>}
<f72r1.S1.6;K> char. alif= {was <f72r1. 11A;K>}
<f72r1.S1.7;K> otaraldy= {was <f72r1. 12A;K>}
<f72r1.S1.8;K> otaiin. otain= {was <f72r1. 13A;K>}
<f72r1.S1.9;K> otalef. ys. ainam= {was <f72r1. 14A;K>}
<f72r1.S1.10;K> ocholsharam= {was <f72r1. 15A;K>}

Karl Kluge, second choice:

<f72r1.S1.1;Q> oshodody= {was <f72r1. 06A;K>}

Takeshi Takahashi:

<f72r1.S1.1;H> oshodody=
<f72r1.S1.2;H> chdaiirsainy=
<f72r1.S1.3;H> oaiin. ar. ary=
<f72r1.S1.4;H> okalam=
<f72r1.S1.5;H> ytal. shda=
<f72r1.S1.6;H> char. alf=
<f72r1.S1.7;H> otaraldy=
<f72r1.S1.8;H> otaiin. otain=
<f72r1.S1.9;H> otalef. as. ainam=
<f72r1.S1.10;H> ochol. charam=

John Grove:

<f72r1.S1.1;V> oshodady= {Grove's #1, no barrel}
<f72r1.S1.2;V> chdaiir. dainy= {Grove's #2, no barrel}
<f72r1.S1.3;V> oaiin. ar. ary= {Grove's #3, no barrel, male frontal}
<f72r1.S1.4;V> okalam= {Grove's #4, no barrel}
<f72r1.S1.5;V> ytalshdy= {Grove's #5, no barrel}
<f72r1.S1.6;V> char. alef= {Grove's #6, no barrel}
<f72r1.S1.7;V> otaraldy= {Grove's #7, no barrel}
<f72r1.S1.8;V> otaiin. otain= {Grove's #8, no barrel}
<f72r1.S1.9;V> otalef. as. ainam= {Grove's #9, no barrel}
<f72r1.S1.10;V> ochol. sharam= {Grove's #10, no barrel}

Unit: "Middle ring of text"

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Transcribed clockwise from extra-wide gap at 09:00

Takeshi Takahashi:

<f72r1.R2.1;H> oteodar. ytey. otey. shetey. chokshor. okalal. otaiin. sheol. aiin. otaiin. chetey. cheolor. oteoteeody. otor. chokaiin. okaiin. al. alo. cheedy. oteorar. cheky. chokal. otas. al. oqokar- {gap}

Jorge Stolfi:

<f72r1.R2.1;U> oteodar. ytey. otey. shetey. chokshor. okalal. otaiin. sheolaiin. o, taiin. chetey. cheolor. oteo, te**dy. otor. chokaiin. okaiin. al, alo. cheedy. otear, ar. cheky. chotal. otar. al, o, qota*- {gap}

Unit: "panel f72r1, Taurus dark, labels on inner band of nymphs/stars"

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Transcribed clockwise from 10:00


Karl Kluge:

<f72r1.S2.1;K> ofaralar= {was <f72r1. 01A;K>}
<f72r1.S2.2;K> otchoshy= {was <f72r1. 02A;K>}
<f72r1.S2.3;K> otchdal= {was <f72r1. 03A;K>}
<f72r1.S2.4;K> okeey. ary= {was <f72r1. 04A;K>}
<f72r1.S2.5;K> otainy= {was <f72r1. 05A;K>}

Takeshi Takahashi:

<f72r1.S2.1;H> ofaralar=
<f72r1.S2.2;H> otchoshy=
<f72r1.S2.3;H> otchdal=
<f72r1.S2.4;H> okeey. ary=
<f72r1.S2.5;H> otainy=

John Grove:

<f72r1.S2.1;V> ofaralar= {Grove's #1, vert. barrel, dressed}
<f72r1.S2.2;V> otchoshy= {Grove's #2, vert. barrel}
<f72r1.S2.3;V> otchdal= {Grove's #3, vert. barrel}
<f72r1.S2.4;V> okeeyary= {Grove's #4, vert. barrel}
<f72r1.S2.5;V> otainy= {Grove's #5, vert. barrel}

Unit: "Inner ring of text"

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Transcribed clockwise from wider gap at 11:00

Takeshi Takahashi:

<f72r1.R3.1;H> oteeols. yroly- {gap}okees. al. aiin. okeor. chol. o. oteos. aiin. chal. otaiin. otchor. chckhy- {gap}

Jorge Stolfi:

<f72r1.R3.1;U> oteeols. aroly- {gap}okees. al, aiin. okeor. chol. o. o, teos. aiin. shal. otaiin. otchor. chcthy- {gap}