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Parsable information
Illustration type: Zodiac
Quire: K
Page in quire: A
Currier language: unknown
Currier hand: unknown
Has non-Voynich text: no
Has key-like sequence: no
Has extraneous writing: no

Descriptive comments

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Title: "Aries light"
Page: f71r = KA (Rene) = p135 (Stolfi)
Folio: f71
Panels: f71r
Bifolio: bK1 = f71+f72
Quire: K (Rene) = XI (Beinecke)


Language: ? (Currier)
Hand: ? (Currier)
Subsets: Z (Rene), zod (Stolfi)
Subject: zodiac
Colors: green,yellow,blue,red (Reeds)


A circular diagram defined by six faint mechanically drawn concentric circles, forming three narrow bands. The two outer bands each contain a ring of text, broken by a decorated section in each band, at 10:00.

In the center there is an animal resembling a beardless goat, light-colored, nibbling at a bush, standing on a scalloped (rocky ?) ground. below it is a non-voynich word "ab*i*l".

In the space between the inner and middle bands there are 5 nymphs, and 10 more in the space between the middle and outer band. Each nymph is standing inside an upright barrel, with a star or flower next to her head. Some stars have tails (or stems); some nymphs are holding their stars, by a ray or by the tail, others are pointing at them, some have their both hands on the hips. All but one of the nymphs are heavily dressed, and none have salient breasts or visible nipples.

There is a label clockwise from each nymph.


Presumably, the "notched square" devices at 10:30 may be the "start here" mark of the circular text bands.

The goat is drawn better than the dark Aries (f70v1), and its legs bend the right way, unlike those of the light Aries (f71r). The nymphs (and the barrels), on the other and, are even worse than those of dark Aries.


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Unit: "circular text"

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Outer ring
Transcribed starting from decorated square at 10:30

Takeshi Takahashi:

<f71r.R1.1;H> olkeeody. okody. okchedy. oky. eey. okeodar. okeoky. oteody. oto. otol. oteey. ar. ykooar. aiin. aekeeey. okeokeokeody. okeodar. chy. s. aiin. otokeoar. or. ar. al. otol. al. shckhey. oteeeodar. oteody. otol. aiin. shoekey. sal. al. ald. cheeokseo. qorky. choly=

Jorge Stolfi:

<f71r.R1.1;U> olkeeody. okody. okeeedy. oky, eey. okeodar. okeoky. oteody. oko. okol. okeey, ar. ykodar. aiin. oekeeey. okeo, keo, keody. okeodar. chy. s, aiin. oto, keoar. os. ar, al. otol. al. shckhy. oteeeodar. oteody. otal, aiin. shoekey. rol, al, ald. ch*, oteeo. **o**y. choly=

Unit: "panel f71r, Aries light, star labels"

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Outer band of nymphs
All with vertical barrels
Transcribed clockwise from 10:30, after decorated square


Karl Kluge:

<f71r.S1.1;K> oteosarar= {was <f71r. 06A;K>}
<f71r.S1.2;K> okldam= {was <f71r. 07A;K>}
<f71r.S1.3;K> oteoaldy= {was <f71r. 08A;K>}
<f71r.S1.4;K> oteolar= {was <f71r. 09A;K>}
<f71r.S1.5;K> okeoaly= {was <f71r. 10A;K>}
<f71r.S1.6;K> otaleky= {was <f71r. 11A;K>}
<f71r.S1.7;K> opalrar= {was <f71r. 12A;K>}
<f71r.S1.8;K> cheary= {was <f71r. 13A;K>}
<f71r.S1.9;K> oteo. tey. sary= {was <f71r. 14A;K>}
<f71r.S1.10;K> otalaly= {was <f71r. 15A;K>}

Takeshi Takahashi:

<f71r.S1.1;H> oteos. arar=
<f71r.S1.2;H> okldam=
<f71r.S1.3;H> oteoaldy=
<f71r.S1.4;H> oteolar=
<f71r.S1.5;H> okeoaly=
<f71r.S1.6;H> otaleky=
<f71r.S1.7;H> otalsar=
<f71r.S1.8;H> chsary=
<f71r.S1.9;H> oteotey. sary=
<f71r.S1.10;H> otalaly=

John Grove:

<f71r.S1.1;V> oteos. arar= {Grove's #2, dressed}
<f71r.S1.2;V> okldam= {Grove's #3, dressed}
<f71r.S1.3;V> oteoaldy= {Grove's #4, dressed}
<f71r.S1.4;V> oteolar= {Grove's #5, dressed}
<f71r.S1.5;V> okeoaly= {Grove's #6, dressed}
<f71r.S1.6;V> otaleky= {Grove's #7, dressed}
<f71r.S1.7;V> opalsar= {Grove's #8, dressed}
<f71r.S1.8;V> cheary= {Grove's #9, dressed}
<f71r.S1.9;V> oteotey. sary= {Grove's #10, dressed}
<f71r.S1.10;V> otalaly= {Grove's #1, dressed}

Unit: "circular text"

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Middle ring of text
Transcribed starting from the decorated qaure at 10:00

Takeshi Takahashi:

<f71r.R2.1;H> oteody. oteos. ockhey. oteesaey. lsheotey. okalody. shs. shey. oteey. otechar. chekal. okody. eeedy. oteodal. okol. lkchol. daiin. okeeees. ykees. al. okchy. otey. oteoshaly- {gap}o=

Jorge Stolfi:

<f71r.R2.1;U> oteody. o*teor. ockhey. otchechey. lsheody. okal, ody. shs. shey. oteey. otechar. checkal. otody. eeedy. oteodal. chokol. lkchol. daiin. okchees. ykees, al, okeey. otey. oteoshaly- {gap}o=

Unit: "panel f71r, Aries light, star labels"

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Inner band of nymphs
All with vertical barrels
Transcribed clockwise from 11:00, after decorated square


Karl Kluge:

<f71r.S2.1;K> otolchdy= {was <f71r. 01A;K>}
<f71r.S2.2;K> otoloaram= {was <f71r. 02A;K>}
<f71r.S2.3;K> ote*ol= {was <f71r. 03A;K>}
<f71r.S2.4;K> otolchd= {was <f71r. 04A;K>}
<f71r.S2.5;K> otalgar= {was <f71r. 05A;K>}

Takeshi Takahashi:

<f71r.S2.1;H> otol. chdy=
<f71r.S2.2;H> otoloaram=
<f71r.S2.3;H> oteeol=
<f71r.S2.4;H> otolchd=
<f71r.S2.5;H> otal. dar=

John Grove:

<f71r.S2.1;V> otolchdy= {Grove's #2, dressed}
<f71r.S2.2;V> otoloaram= {Grove's #3, dressed}
<f71r.S2.3;V> oteeol= {Grove's #4, dressed}
<f71r.S2.4;V> otolchd= {Grove's #5, dressed}
<f71r.S2.5;V> otaldar= {Grove's #1, naked}

Unit: "circular text, inner ring"

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Transcribed starting from the wider gap at 10:00

Takeshi Takahashi:

<f71r.R3.1;H> oteeol. otal. chs. char. cheky. chetshy. okeeody. oteey. chekeen. okeol=

Jorge Stolfi:

<f71r.R3.1;U> oteeol. otal, chs. char. cheky. chetshy. okeeody. oteey. cheku. okeol=