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Parsable information
Illustration type: Astronomical
Quire: I
Page in quire: J
Currier language: unknown
Currier hand: unknown
Has non-Voynich text: no
Has key-like sequence: no
Has extraneous writing: no

Descriptive comments

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Title: ???
Page: f68v1 = IJ (Rene) = p128 (Stolfi)
Folio: f68
Panels: f68v1
Bifolio: bI1 = f67+f68
Quire: I (Rene) = IX (Beinecke)

This page is the innermost verso panel of an eight-panel fold-out.


Language: ? (Currier)
Hand: ? (Currier)
Subsets: A (Rene), cos (Stolfi)
Subject: astronomical
Colors: blue(vanes),yellow(stars) (Reeds)


The page contains only a circular diagram, framed by two faint mechanically drawn circles, each surrounded by a ring of text.

The whole is surrounded by another thin circle, about 1cm further out, that begins looking mechanically drawn but at some point wanders off and fails to close on itself, as if the fixed leg of the compass had skipped a bit. (However, this outermost circle may be a modern scribble on the copy.)

A thick radial stroke at 10:30 connects this outermost circle to the next one, through the gap between two words of the outer text ring. Another pair of thick radial strokes at 10:00 connects the second and third circles, breaking the second text ring.

At the center of the diagram is a sun, with narrow flipped S-shaped rays and a human face (with neutral expression, straight hair combed back at the sides, held by a narrow headband with dots.)

Surrounding the sun is a "starry windmill": a fat star with serrated outline, consisting of 16 sectors shaped like narrow kites, each split radially into a "light" (clockwise) half, with a dotted line and some small stars, and a "dark" half, painted with a solid dark color. Clockwise from the 10:00 point, the light half-sectors contain the following counts of stars:

4 4 4 3 4 4 5 6 6 6 7 7 6 5 5 5
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
* * *   * * * * * * * * * * * *
            * * * * * * * * * *
              * * * * * *
                    * *

All told there are 66 stars. (But the star count of 7 in the 06:30 sector may be an 8.

Thin radial lines connect each point of the star to the inner edge of the frame. The 16 sectors defined by these lines are alternatingly filled with unnamed stars, or labeled with a radial text line, reading outwards. Clockwise from the 10:00 ray, the sectors contain the following counts:

8 7 7 8 9 9 8 7
* * * * * * * *
* * * * * * * *
* * * * * * * *
* * * * * * * *
* * * * * * * *
* * * * * * * *
* * * * * * * *
*     * * * *
        * *

There are 63 stars in total.

There is a comet-tail-like object behind one of the stars in the 03:00 sector.


It is not clear whether the "start here" strokes at 10:00-10:30 are original, or modern guesses scribbled on the copy. If the latter, then they seem wrong, because those word gaps are quite ordinary and not aligned.

Another possible starting place is at 01:15, where both rings have aligned, extra-wide word breaks.

On the other hand, the EVA "p" on the the 10:30 radial line suggests that that is indeed the first line.

The center figure is probably female.

Note that the small and large star counts are almost the same (67 and 63); perhaps 64 was the intended number. Note also that the small star counts are unimodal. The big star counts would be unimodal too if the 11:00 sector had 7 stars, or the 09:30 sector had 8. The latter seems more likely as it would have bumped the number of big stars to 64. In both sequences the minimum is around 01:10 (the aligned breaks!) and the maximum around 07:00.

The "tail" in the 03:00 sector may mean that one of the stars is a comet.


All transcriptions are given in basic (lowercase) EVA. Use the extractor to get transcriptions in another format.

Unit: "Circular text around diagram"

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"U" transcription by J. Stolfi from scanned image
"V" transcription by John Grove.

The transcription below goes clockwise from the aligned gaps at 01:15.
John Grove used the radial stroke at 10:30, but it may not be original.

Takeshi Takahashi:

<f68v1.C.1;H> ees. aiir. ol. cho. aiin. ykeeykeey. shes. chotey. ykeey. s{&S}ses. aiin. okeyteey. cthody. chesokeeoteody. choikhy. otol. okeody. sheos. chkorchy. dy. dy. shety. oteey. dair. chotedy. chey. dal. daiin. dakeey. shes. ol. keey. shey. chteey. sheely. shes. yeed. shokeolls.
<f68v1.C.2;H> sho. yteod. oteeol. okeeos. or. chos. or. ock{&K}o. aiin. chol. ykeey. sheo. s. cheoekeey. cheodaiir. cheekchey. chkeody. otchy. teeos. sh. cheo. eky. okey. doleed. s. aly. oteotey. otechs. opain. chear. s. oteey. dain. dycheckhy. oteeos. oteol. okeos. okeeody.

Jorge Stolfi:

<f68v1.C.1;U> ees. aiir. ol. choaiin. ykeeykeey. shes. chotey. y, keey. shes. aiin. okeykeey. cthody. ches, ykchoteody. chockhey. otol. okeody. sheos. chkorchy. dy. dy. shety. ***y. dair. chotedy. chey. dal. daiin. dokeey. shes. olkeey. shey. chteey. sheely. shes. yeem. shokeolls.
<f68v1.C.2;U> sho. yteod. oteeol. okeeor. or. chos. or. octoaiin. chol. ykeey. sheo. s. cheo, ckhey. cheodaiir. cheekchey. chkeody. otchy. teeor. sh. cheoeky. otey. dolad. r, oly. cthotey. otechs. opain. chear. s. oteey. dain. dy, checkhy. oteeos. oteol. okeor. okeeody.

John Grove:

<f68v1.C.1;V> ees. aiir. ol. cho. aiin. ykeeykeey. shir. chotey. y. keey. shes. aiin. okeyteey. cthody. chesokchoteody. chockhy. otol. okeody. sheos. chkorchy. dy. dy. shety. oteey. dair. chotedy. chey. dal. daiin. dckhey. shes. olkeey. shey. chteey. sheely. shes. yeed. shokeolls. {Grove's R1}
<f68v1.C.2;V> sho. yteod. oteeol. oteeos. or. chos. or. ocko. aiin. chol. ykeey. sheo. s. cheockhey. cheodaiir. cheekchey. chkeody. okchy. teeos. sh. cheo. eky. otoy. daleed. r. aly. oteotey. otear. opoiin. chears. oteey. dain. dycheckhy. oteeos. oteol. oteoss. oteeody. {Grove's R2}

Unit: "Radial titles, outer sectors"

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"V" transcription by J. Grove
"U" transcription by J. Stolfi from scanned image

Transcription clockwise from double radial stroke at 10:00

&r = <r> attached to the previous char..

Takeshi Takahashi:

<f68v1.X.1;H> dair. cpchety. dy=
<f68v1.X.2;H> sair. arolsas=
<f68v1.X.3;H> oteeos. araly=
<f68v1.X.4;H> okechdaral=
<f68v1.X.5;H> otol. chcs. otaly=
<f68v1.X.6;H> okeey. ch. ek. chekeys=
<f68v1.X.7;H> dar. shes. shokey=
<f68v1.X.8;H> oteodain. sar=

Jorge Stolfi:

<f68v1.X.1;U> dair, pcheety. dy=
<f68v1.X.2;U> sair. arolser{&r}=
<f68v1.X.3;U> oteeor. arany=
<f68v1.X.4;U> okechdaral=
<f68v1.X.5;U> otol. ches. otaly=
<f68v1.X.6;U> okeey. chek. chekeys=
<f68v1.X.7;U> dar. shes. shokey=
<f68v1.X.8;U> oteodain. sam=

John Grove:

<f68v1.X.1;V> dairpchety. dy= {Grove's X. 1}
<f68v1.X.2;V> sair. aroyser{&r}= {Grove's X. 2}
<f68v1.X.3;V> oteeos. arany= {Grove's X. 3}
<f68v1.X.4;V> okechdarol= {Grove's X. 4}
<f68v1.X.5;V> otol. chcs. otaly= {Grove's X. 5}
<f68v1.X.6;V> okeey. chek. chekeys= {Grove's X. 6}
<f68v1.X.7;V> dar. shes. shokey= {Grove's X. 7}
<f68v1.X.8;V> oteodain. sam= {Grove's X. 8}