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Parsable information
Illustration type: Astronomical
Quire: I
Page in quire: D
Currier language: unknown
Currier hand: unknown
Has non-Voynich text: no
Has key-like sequence: no
Has extraneous writing: no

Descriptive comments

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Title: "Happy sun"
Page: f67v1 = ID (Rene) = p122 (Stolfi)
Folio: f67
Panels: f67v1
Bifolio: bI1 = f67+f68
Quire: I (Rene) = IX (Beinecke)

This is the innermost verso panel of a four-panel fold-out


Language: ? (Currier)
Hand: ? (Currier)
Subsets: A (Rene), cos (Stolfi)
Subject: astronomical
Colors: yellow(most_stars),green(some_stars) (Reeds)


The page contains only a circular diagram. At the center there is a large sun with 18 narrow undulating rays (with two of them joined; see below). The sun has a face with a short "frame" beard, broad smile, crossed eyes, a skullcap. At the temples, two locks of light wavy hair escape from under the cap.

There are 17 short titles radiating out of the center, towards the diagram's outer frame (unit "Y"). Each of these radial titles starts near the tip of a sun ray, except for the title at 02:00, which is connected by thin wavy lines to the tips of two sun rays, at 02:00 and 02:30. The text reads outwards, so it is upside down from 06:30 through 11:30.

In each sector between consecutive radial titles there are from one to four stars, 39 in total. Clockwise from the double sun ray, the counts per sector are

*             * *     * *
* *   * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
3 2 1 2 2 2 2 3 4 2 2 3 3 2 2 2 2

Around the diagram there is a narrow band divided into segments, 6 at the top and 6 at the bottom. The band has wide gaps at left and right, where it gets too near the margin. Each segment contains a label enclosed in a decorative frame (unit "X").


The double ray may be where the stext starts. This guess is supported by the line-initial EVA "p". (There is another "p" at 04:15 and an "f" at 06:30, but they are not line-initial.)

It is not certain that the labels in the outer band are associated with the rays. The gap on the left side is definitely empty, and that on the right appears to be so. Thus there are only 12, or at most 14, labels in the band.

The decoration in the outer band includes 24 copies of the "notched square" symbol, with double vertical edges.


All transcriptions are given in basic (lowercase) EVA. Use the extractor to get transcriptions in another format.

Unit: "Labels around outer band"

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"V" transcription by J. Grove
"U" transcription by J. Stolfi from scanned image

Numbered clockwise from double ray at 02:00

The original line numbers were assigned by J.Stolfi
starting from 10:30; they were reassigned on Oct/1998
to match Grove's numbering, and the radial line numbers
in unit "Y".

at 02:00 (double sun ray; last visible label in top half)

Takeshi Takahashi:

<f67v1.X.1;H> dch*sykchy=
<f67v1.X.4;H> ykeodar=
<f67v1.X.5;H> dechoekol=
<f67v1.X.6;H> ockhosam=
<f67v1.X.7;H> kochardy=
<f67v1.X.8;H> ochodare=
<f67v1.X.9;H> ols. aiiny=
<f67v1.X.13;H> damamm=
<f67v1.X.14;H> dairkal=
<f67v1.X.15;H> okal. ary=
<f67v1.X.16;H> dor. echkolal=
<f67v1.X.17;H> okolaldy=

Jorge Stolfi:

<f67v1.X.1;U> dchedy, kchy=
<f67v1.X.4;U> ykeodar=
<f67v1.X.5;U> dcheor, kal=
<f67v1.X.6;U> ockheo. sam=
<f67v1.X.7;U> kochar, dy=
<f67v1.X.8;U> ochodars=
<f67v1.X.9;U> ols. aiin, y=
<f67v1.X.13;U> damamm=
<f67v1.X.14;U> dairkal=
<f67v1.X.15;U> okal. ary=
<f67v1.X.16;U> dar, *chkalal=
<f67v1.X.17;U> okol, aldy=

John Grove:

<f67v1.X.1;V> d**{curled page}=
<f67v1.X.4;V> ykeodar=
<f67v1.X.5;V> dcheoekal=
<f67v1.X.6;V> ockheosam=
<f67v1.X.7;V> kochardy=
<f67v1.X.8;V> ochodale=
<f67v1.X.9;V> ols. aiiny=
<f67v1.X.13;V> damaiim*=
<f67v1.X.14;V> dairtal=
<f67v1.X.15;V> okal. ary=
<f67v1.X.16;V> darichkalal=
<f67v1.X.17;V> okolaldy=

Unit: "Radial lines/titles"

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"U" transcription by J. Stolfi from scanned image
"V" transcription by John Grove.

Clockwise, starting from the double ray at 02:00.

The original line numbers were assigned by J.Stolfi
starting from 00:15; they were reassigned on Oct/1998
to match Grove's numbering.

At 02:00 (connected to two sun rays)

Takeshi Takahashi:

<f67v1.Y.1;H> pchodais. otch. oekaody=
<f67v1.Y.2;H> dcheeos. qokiiiody. eees. oloesdr=
<f67v1.Y.3;H> ykoo. cheo. daiin. ypcheg. oty=
<f67v1.Y.4;H> opcheey. chso. cheey. chedaly=
<f67v1.Y.5;H> ykeeey. qokeey. chokeear=
<f67v1.Y.6;H> osheey. keeody. che. dals=
<f67v1.Y.7;H> okor. shey. qokcheor. doiir=
<f67v1.Y.8;H> oeees. otechy. okeey=
<f67v1.Y.9;H> okeeodaiin. siiin. dairal=
<f67v1.Y.10;H> oksheeoda. or. aral=
<f67v1.Y.11;H> olar. aroka=
<f67v1.Y.12;H> otorkeol. or. cheey. dary=
<f67v1.Y.13;H> okechey. cheody. *eoky=
<f67v1.Y.14;H> otechodor. odreeey=
<f67v1.Y.15;H> chockhdy. cheockhy=
<f67v1.Y.16;H> ytchoy. kchochy. dair. oekey=
<f67v1.Y.17;H> kchcsey. chy. koldy=

Jorge Stolfi:

<f67v1.Y.1;U> pchodaiin. otch. oekeeody=
<f67v1.Y.2;U> dcheeos. qokeeeody. ches. olcheeg=
<f67v1.Y.3;U> ykcho. cheo. daiin. ypcheg. oty=
<f67v1.Y.4;U> opcheey. chso. cheey. eeedaly=
<f67v1.Y.5;U> ykeeey. qokeey. chokeeas=
<f67v1.Y.6;U> osheey. keeody. cheedals=
<f67v1.Y.7;U> ofar, shey. qokcheor. daiiin=
<f67v1.Y.8;U> oeees. otechy. o, keey=
<f67v1.Y.9;U> okeeodaiin. sain. dairal=
<f67v1.Y.10;U> oksheeody. or, aral=
<f67v1.Y.11;U> olar. aroky=
<f67v1.Y.12;U> otorkeol. or, sheey. dary=
<f67v1.Y.13;U> okechey. cheody. cheky=
<f67v1.Y.14;U> otechodor. o, dcheey=
<f67v1.Y.15;U> checkhey. cheockhy=
<f67v1.Y.16;U> ytchey. keeochy. dair. ockhy=
<f67v1.Y.17;U> keechey. chy. koldy=

John Grove:

<f67v1.Y.1;V> pchodaiin. otch. oekchody= {Grove's T1}
<f67v1.Y.2;V> dcheeos. qokeeeody. ches. olcheed{curled page}= {Grove's T2}
<f67v1.Y.3;V> ykcho. cheo. daiin. ypcheg. oty= {Grove's T3}
<f67v1.Y.4;V> opcheey. ch*o. cheey. eeedaly= {Grove's T4}
<f67v1.Y.5;V> ykeeey. qokeey. chokeear= {Grove's T5}
<f67v1.Y.6;V> osheey. keeody. cheedals= {Grove's T6}
<f67v1.Y.7;V> ofor. shey. qokcheor. daiiin= {Grove's T7}
<f67v1.Y.8;V> oeees. otechy. o, keey= {Grove's T8}
<f67v1.Y.9;V> okeeodaiin. sair. dairal= {Grove's T9}
<f67v1.Y.10;V> okcheeody. or, aral= {Grove's T10}
<f67v1.Y.11;V> olar. araky= {Grove's T11}
<f67v1.Y.12;V> otoskeol. or. sheey. dary= {Grove's T12}
<f67v1.Y.13;V> okechey. cheody. cheka= {Grove's T13}
<f67v1.Y.14;V> oteeeodor. odcheey= {Grove's T14}
<f67v1.Y.15;V> chockhey. cheockhy= {Grove's T15}
<f67v1.Y.16;V> ytchey. keeochy. dair. ockey= {Grove's T16}
<f67v1.Y.17;V> ikhechey. chy. koldy= {Grove's T17}